Linden Wade

Radio Producer Jingle Anorak Controller @cheesyfmuk

What’s Cheesy FM?

Cheesy FM is home to all things cheesy. Pop, Dance, Boy-Bands, One-Hit Wonders, Camp Classics, Party Anthems, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & the big songs of today! If you’d like to embrace the cheese, you can download the free app for iOS and Android. Just search ‘Cheesy FM’. Honestly, there’s no need to be embarrassed… You are not alone! 



This is where I get down to the nitty-gritty and tell you all about myself. The story of my life always sounds more interesting on paper, trust me. I’m joking, of course! I’m grateful for what I have been able to achieve so far 

I was born in Staffordshire in the mid-90s and just like everyone else; I (kinda) grew up and progressed through school and college. Secondary School is where I started to become interested in Radio. We had our own internal station that used to broadcast during lunch times; and who was in charge? Yeah, you guessed it – yours truly. I even got my own key! Since then, I have been involved with a number of Online, College and Community radio stations.

My biggest claim to fame is being featured on a Radio Jingle for DJ Jim Richman, recorded at S2Blue around 2012. However, I was probably mixed very low into the background just to add more depth.

At heart , I’m just one huge radio anorak (zzzzip). However, I have been fortunate enough to work in this wonderful industry for over 6 years now; currently residing as Presenter and Producer at The Wireless Group and Content Controller at Cheesy FM.

My Work

Jingles, Jingles & More Jingles

Right, anoraks on for this section please folks!

Over the past few years, I have spent a LOT of my spare time building a steady collection of audio from radio stations. For the majority of people that work in radio, this is a normal thing to do; though most don’t like to admit it!

In short, I collect radio jingles from the UK, Europe and America.

As well as jingle packages; I also have a collection of producer demos, airchecks and a number of my own personal re-sings. Like many others out there, I am open to swaps. If you’d like to trade a few items, then please get in touch.

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